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About Cafe Bhutan

Committed to delivering an unforgettable listening experience from our internet radio station and introducing Bhutan to our valued guests!

About Cafe Bhutan

We’re committed to delivering an unforgettable listening, video and informational experience from our internet radio station and introducing Bhutan to our valued on-line visitors!

About Us

Café Bhutan was launched in 2009 as a global virtual showcase for our on-line visitors intended to promote Bhutan around the world. Our listeners includes enthusiasts of Bhutan both here and abroad, spiritual beings, Buddhists as well as former and future visitors to Bhutan and those committed to world causes relating to global transformation, the environment, social justice and world peace.

Our programming studio is based in Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan. We are a small team of dedicated staff that puts in our utmost effort to deliver an unforgettable listening, video viewing and informational experience about Bhutan to our valued on-line visitors.

Visiting Bhutan has never been as easy as now and we can help you plan a trip of lifetime into our beautiful country. To begin this process, we will need to secure your desired dates of travel along with our providing you many options for things you can do while you are in Bhutan. We can arrange travel anywhere into Bhutan that can include luxury spa hotels, spiritual and/or yoga retreats including treks into our world renown beautiful mountains and countryside.

Once you contact us, we will work with the best travel planners in Bhutan that specialize in your particular interests to design and propose an itinerary that will include the cost of your trip and visa and we will match you with travel planners that particularly specialize in your interests to make your visit to unforgettable. Click Here to complete our travel survey form.