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Cafe Bhutan is affiliated with Pro Bhutan in Germany and Bhutan Foundation in the US.


Pro Bhutan, Germany

Philanthropic projects in the Himalaya Kingdom Bhutan in the fields of health (Punakha hospital, policlinic, medical training center), education (school and hostels for blind and for hearing-impaired children) and cultural heritage (Punakha Dzong bridge),information and beautiful photographs about Bhutan.

Bhutan Foundation

The Bhutan Foundation was established in the United States to support non-governmental and other organizations in Bhutan. The Bhutan Foundation is committed to further Bhutan’s development philosophy of Gross National Happiness and the areas of support under the four pillars of Gross National Happiness are equitable & sustainable development (education and youth, health care, economic opportunity etc), preservation and promotion of culture and art, good governance and the conservation of the natural environment. To further promote the understanding of Bhutan in the US, the foundation seeks to increase the mutually beneficial association between Bhutanese and U.S. organizations in both the public and private sectors. Read More