What to do in Bhutan and why you should go now!

Check out spectacular places in the Himalayas by going on a Bhutan sightseeing tour. If you are looking for a county in the midst of dazzling mountains and scenic valleys, Bhutan is a must-see destination. With a land area covering only 300 km in length and about 150 km in width, you can get on a full sightseeing tour of Bhutan in just three weeks.

Traveling around on a Bhutan Sightseeing Tour especially around Western Bhutan will get you through impressive vistas. You can easily take the scenic route around Paro and Bhutan’s capital, Thimhpu, as well as the central valleys like Bumthang and Eastern Bhutan.

Here are ten best things to do on a Bhutan sightseeing tour.

1 – Experience a vibrant Buddhist festival, that is locally known as a tsechu. You can get to see spectacular and colorful costumes of masked dancers, chanting monks and playful jesters that entertained a crowd of finely dressed villagers and town folks.

2 – Witness Bhutan’s national sport, archery, in action. This favorite sport is usually highlighted in a contest of any festival in Bhutan. You can also find the lovely ladies cheering on their teams with poetry, dance and song.

3 – Check out a dzong, which is an old, reinforced monastery that comes with many temples and stunning views of mountains or rivers. The best monasteries to see are found in Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and Wangdi Phrodang.

4 – Take the road to the Dachu La pass near the capital. You will enjoy looking at luminous shrines lined with prayer wheels where multi-colored Buddhist flags are fluttering in the breeze. The newly built hilltop temple will also give you splendid views of the mountains.

5 – See the most holy monastery in Bhutan, Taktsang. This temple, located near the town of Paro, was built on a rocky ledge at 3000 meters. Take a trek up the monastery for half a day or you can choose to ride on a pony if trekking is not your cup of tea.

6 – Visit the Temple of the Divine Madman found in the Punakha valley. A scenic route over the river and rice fields will take you to the village of Limukha or to the temple itself where you can experience an unusual blessing.

7 – Be part of a must-see cultural walk along the Bumthang valley where they will show you the various aspects of village life such as harvest, stone baths or fertility symbols hanging from the eaves of their huts.

8 – Shop for splendid Bhutanese crafts while you are on a Bhutan sightseeing tour. You can check out the School of 13 Arts and Crafts in the villages of Thimphu or Tashiyangtse in Eastern Bhutan. This is where you can buy carefully crafted woodcarvings, paintings or embroidery, and other religious or daily use articles.

9 – Buy authentic Bhutanese crafts in outlets rather than the Thimphu tourist market where unfortunately the items sold are imported. Whereas in genuine outlets, you can find great hand made items with prices that show their fine craftsmanship. It is not advisable to bargain in these outlets

10 – Get amazing Bhutanese crafts like polished wooden bowls from Tashiyangtse, hand made paper, Buddhist paintings, Bhutanese fabric and local textiles, and more local products. These will be perfect mementos to bring home.

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