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About Cafe Bhutan

Committed to delivering an unforgettable listening experience from our internet radio station and introducing Bhutan to our valued guests!

Crafts & Textile


We have a wide range collections of Jewelries made up of Semi-Precious stones, Turquoise, Gold, Silver and many more. Our product ranges from a simple finger ring to till the home decorative antiques.

This jewelries bears green and red turquoise along with Gold Plate in center. The design originated from southern part of Bhutan, most often you may see Nepalese wearing this same design.

This jewelry comes in pure Bhutanese format with semi precious stones. It comprises of Gold, Turquoise and the Cat eye stone which is known to be one of the semi precious stones. We have lot of collections of jewelries for your interest. Please contact us for more information.


Our antique collections comes from the times of our fore fathers. Bhutanese have preserved it to pass on to the future generation. Some of the religious antiques are preserved by Royal Government of Bhutan and is not allowed to be sold outside country, and we have few collections of shopper’s antique from Bhutan and neighboring countries.

This is a sample of our antique collection. This kettle takes us back to 18th century. This type of kettle was used to serve the officials during ancient periods as per the Bhutanese history. Its components and quality were best suitedt to serve hot drinks as tea, Su-ja (Salt Butter Tea) and other liquid offerings. It is made of typical hard wood and other semi precious metals.

This is an ancient box made up of bronze, comprising of turquoise and original stainless iron. It was believed to be a safe place to keep any important documents or items. It does not have any screw but it was well wielded with metals to last long and for safety

We also have other collections of antiques as antique jewelries, pots, home decorative, statues, religious items, utensils, antique collection of textiles and furs. If you want to know more about antiques and jewelries or anything regarding these, then please contact us online here or you may call us at the given numbers in the contact us section.



Our craft section has been divided upon two classes depending upon the materials crafted. The two crafts mostly found in Bhutan are Metal crafts and Wood Craft.

1. Crafted Products

This wood crafted product bears the Buddhist belief of good luck charm held by a pegasus or llungta surrounded by deities of Heaven and Hell.

This images are crafted upon original ancient wood and handmade. It is framed by wooden frame with typical old painting.

This crafted piece is a wheel of Life. It bears the fine design of Eight auspicious signs.

This piece of craft is finely crafted by expert craft persons which would not take less than four months to complete. It is crafted upon a strong metal encoding with turquoise for better visionary for the visitor.

The horn is not an ordinary horn, but this horn is used in religious performances.

The horn is a shell collected from the ocean which are crafted and coated with semi-precious stones as turquise.

This mask bears finely crafted arts and semi-precious stones. It has been well painted to suit its color but note that nothing is painted other then its eyes and eye brow. Rest all its it’s own metal color of Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron.

2. Wooden Crafted Products

This mask is a fine and best sample for our visitors to analyze a Wooden Craft Product. This type of mask it finely crafted upon hard but light woods for this kind of mask is used by the performers while performing mask dances inreligious festivals called Tshechu. These masks are also hung upon the main entrances in our houses as they are believed to drive away evil forces. Bhutanese people usually keep these type of masks at their home for this same reason rather than as decorative items.

It has been crafted in a way that it shows the best possible true manifestation of Guru Rinpoche, (the Great Saint who purified the land of Bhutan from evil spirits) .

This is a key and a lock used in the olden days in Bhutan.

The wooden product shown is Traditional Bhutanese Bowl, which is widely used to serve as a plate. It is designed in a way that it has two parts, the base and the cover. It also serves the purpose of a Lunch box.

It is made from the same type of tree as of that of the Traditional Cup and also from other sources. In Bhutan we call it as “Dha-pa”.

This website is too small to show all our products. We have all variety of craft items and we give the best price. For a shopper, the best best place would be to visit our show room or to email us any enquiries.

A beautiful copper gold plated statue of Tsepame (Skt: Amitayus) or Bodhisattva of Infinite Life with turquoise embedded on the five-jeweled crown, earrings, necklaces and Tsebumpa (Long Life Vase). Revered and considered valuable in the Bhutanese tradition & culture, it is ideal to be kept as a beautiful showpiece on one’s office desk, an object of worship in ones altar, a coveted item in one’s home or master bedroom.

Dimension: 23cmX13.5cm

A beautiful copper gold plated with turquoise statue of Sangay or Shakyamuni Buddha. Revered and considered valuable in the Bhutanese tradition & culture, it is ideal to be kept as a beautiful showpiece on one’s office desk, an object of worship in ones altar, a coveted item in one’s home or master bedroom.

A beautiful copper gold plated statue of Ugyen Guru Rimpoche or Padamsambhava. Revered and considered valuable in the Bhutanese tradition & culture, it is ideal to be kept as a beautiful showpiece on one’s office desk, an object of worship in ones altar, a coveted item in one’s home or master bedroom.

Dimension: 25cmX15.5cm

A beautiful Menphor or sacred pill vase made of wood with a turquoise casing on the exterior of the lid with symbols of sacred Buddhist syllables. The tip of the lid is a top portion of a dorjee or vajra made of copper and gold plated. The exterior of the main vase is of a coral casing with decorations of embedded encircling floral motifs on the top and bottom rim of the vase.

From ancient time masking has been a mark of cultural evolution and an indication of magical-religious sophistication in society. Ancient peoples wore masks to survive the elements, succeed in combat, confirm their identity, attract spouses, celebrate important events, and worship their personal and collective gods.

Because the products are handmade, there may be a slight difference in weight, size, color etc. between the actual product and products offered.

Phurba with cover which was mainly used to subdue the evil spirit and negative energies.

Copper made snow lion which signifies power and strength.

Vajra kila( Phurba) made of turquoise and quarrel.

Vajra Kila (Phurba) made of Crystal.

Bell and Thunder Bolt made of brass.

Plain jade cup used in the olden days.

Amber Silver Cup.

Old horn wine container.

Big prayer wheel.

Prayer book cover made from turquoise and silver.

Pakra or women’s hair dress.

Silver Turquoise stone decorated incense burner.

Amber made holy water pot.

Turquoise Silver Earring

Silk Kira(Brocade)