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The Founders

1. Kinley Wangchuk

Kinley Wangchuk is also the founder of Radio Valley, a FM radio station in Bhutan and he is currently working as the Executive Manager of Radio Valley. Some of the other establishments started and run by by Kinley Wangchuk are:

1. Gaseb Studios, a production firm catering to visual, audio and multimedia products

2. Azha Passa,, an advertising website

3. Valley Records, a record lable

4. Mojo Park, a live music lounge

Mr. Kinley has a bachelors degree in Civil Engineering and worked with the Royal Government of Bhutan under the Ministiry of Works and Human Settlement as a structural engineer. Music, Entertianment and Enterpurnership has always been his call and launched his first project Radio Valley on the 12th of April, 2007.

2. James H. Fitzgerald

James (also known as Fritz) first visited Bhutan in May of 2007 and before ever stepping foot into this amazingly beautiful country, had the vision to create Café Bhutan by buying the domain name in February 2007. was launched in May 2009.

James is currently working with Co-Founder Kinley Wangchuk on finding a physical site for Café Bhutan in Thimpu the capital of Bhutan where the radio studio for will be to allow for daily live interviews in Bhutan including interviews of tourists to allow them to share their experiences about their visit to listeners around the world.

A New York based entrepreneur, James owns several small companies based in the United States, the United Kingdom and Bhutan. He has a BA from New York University in Business and Humanities and an MA from Columbia University on American Studies with a major on the history of the City of New York.